So surprised to see these Enzo treats before our mini getaway!

So surprised to see these Enzo treats before our mini getaway!

DIY: Snack Bouquet

If you’re looking for a sweet but less expensive gift for your loved one, you can try making a snack bouquet. When you google this, some photos might look difficult but upon trying it, it’ll only take you maximum of two hours. Here’s what you need to do.

Materials needed:
1 round microwaveable container
20 or more chopsticks or barbecue sticks
Glue gun and stick
Assorted chips and chocolates
Ribbons and Japanese paper (for design)

1. Stuff the round container with the Styrofoam where you’ll put the sticks.
2. Prepare your chocolates and put the sticks behind each pack. You can make as many as you want, as long as your container can handle.
3. When you have your chocolates ready, spike these into the foam according to the arrangement you want.
4. Add accent to the bouquet by putting ribbons and Japanese paper around it.

See, it’s that easy. Hope you can make yours!

UP Town Center: Cafe Shibuya

Recommended by Spot.PH, Cafe Shibuya in UP Town Center is a perfect weekend dining place to those with contemporary taste buds and artistic preferences. We tried their rice plates and toast meals which were really appetizing and good enough to full one’s stomach. Their famous chocolate drinks are also a must especially this hot season.

Cafe Shibuya is located on the ground floor of UP Town Center, the newest food haven along Katipunan.

Kapitolyo: EPIC Coffee Roastery

Truthful to its name, this little coffee shop along the blooming street of Kapitolyo deserves your attention. It’s surprisingly a must-try especially to the foodies out there. Aside from its ambiance, they cater to your comfort by bringing in good food and drinks. Though they offer a limited list of treats, their food list is definitely worth your money. We got lucky to dine here on a Saturday night because they’re usually full 7pm onwards.

Just like that, March 2014 is finally over. The month has been long. But then again, it was a worthy hell of a ride with this man by my side.

"At the end of the day, there will always be someone waiting for you. "

What your brain can’t handle

I would lie if i tell you that i don’t feel a thing whenever I see something or someone. True enough, if you see someone you don’t know, you’d probably knock off the thought of thinking further. But yes, you actually have thought of something, only that you don’t know about it. I’m still in awe with the greatness of the heart-brain coordination. It’s not necessary that you should feel something in an instant but what I’m trying to say is it’s amazing how you can easily remember certain feelings upon seeing things or people after a long time. 

Try to look at your old photos. Or even your old notes. See the difference and let me know your thoughts. Enjoy. 

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Hall and Oates Moment

It’s funny seeing you realize things when you’re already on it. Don’t insist your sentiments to avoid too much argument. I don’t think debating is the best way to clear out things. I guess experience is a better indicator of someone’s learning. 

You must thank God for putting you in the shoes they’ve been wearing for quite some time now. With this, you’ll be able to understand how they dealt with all your preferences in times that they had no choice but to follow you. I want you to see that most of their time have been invested into this preference. They’re not regretting anything, they’re just glad to see you in a position where you can understand them now.

And upon getting into that position, do me a favor. Please think of them the way they have always thought of you.

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Linda and Her Big Mouth

How will she handle it this time?

It never crossed her mind that this time will come - the time when Linda started looking again at the same old pages she have gone before. It appears that the same things are taking place at a different time. Or do you think she’s overdoing things? 

Linda used to sit up straight and eat on time but recently she’s been allowed to slouch on the couch and eat anywhere at any time. She’s not comfortable losing all the restrictions she’s been used to do. She wants suffocation and restrain in order to feel safe and secured.

Kiss me hard before you go.

World Water Day 2014

In celebration of the annual World Water Day, we had the chance to visit the different dams (Angat, Ipo, and La Mesa) supplying water all over the greater Manila. It was surreal to see the bodies of water actually existing and looking like it never belonged to the country. 

Believe it or not, these dams are just near Metro Manila, and it’s really crystal clear. I thank heavens that we’re lucky to have these sources alive until this dying age. Much of the experience only made me a lover of nature and environmental protection.

With the past tours and activities I’ve attended, I’ve heard countless times how environmentalists kept on reminding everyone that this is just a borrowed time. Indeed, this is a borrowed time and as long as we have time, there’s this huge need to make this country still livable for the next you and me. I am not trying to sound like your mom, but yes, it pays to know what’s happening around your surroundings. It is true that you need to look after yourself, but what comprises that is the fact that you also do your share while living in this borrowed time. 

Let’s not wait until the water runs dry.